During my years in the photography business, there was a lot of trail and error. Figuring out not only the images I wanted to create and the style I wanted to produce, but determining how to reach clients with the same values I possessed for photography.

I'd spend hours on my computer at night, studying photographs, camera techniques, use of light, what social media platforms worked and how to use them correctly. I created inspiration boards based off the styles I loved, the brand I wanted to establish for myself, and most importantly - the type of experience I wanted to give my clients.

It wasn't until after I did a one on one meetup with a well established photographer I deeply admired that I really felt the push in my business. Because of the accomplishements I have reached since really finding my path, I have decided that I would love to help educate others in the idustry that are looking to reach the same success. In conclusion, I am now offering one on one mentoring for photographers & business owners.

One on one mentoring - $950

These sessions are roughly 4-5 hours long, and include 2-3 hours of Q & A, portfolio review, informative discussion regarding your areas of interest (film, digital or both), brand brainstorming, and a live edit of 3-5 images in different lighting situations, followed by a customized styled shoot based off of your ideal portfolio we have determined during the time leading up to your session.

A 3 page questionnaire will be delivered after the initial booking of the session, to establish where you are with your business, what sets you apart uniquely as a photographer, and where you want to see yourself in the next 5 years. We will use this information to then start planning the theme for your styled session.

You will be welcome to use the images from this session for your portfolio and to submit to publications.

One on one chat - $450

If you are unable to meet up locally or don't necessarily need a portfilio update (in reference: established photographers) but are still interested in a brand & business update, a Facetime/Skype style session might make more sense for you.

This includes a 2-3 hour long discussion identical to the in person one included above. A questionnaire will be sent out in advance to get to know you, your strengths and weaknesses, and what areas you want to expand on in your business. We will talk all things photography, lighting techniques, editing process, social media, workflow, client experience, etc. You are also welcome to compose a list of questions to target your specific areas of improvement.

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