Photo Session Outfit Styling Guide

Style, Colors, & FAQs

Wear Something That Feels Right For You

I always suggest that the woman (especially mom if it's a family session) choose an outfit she feels confident and beautiful in.  Then plan the colour palette and everyone else's outfits from there. Loose, flowy items like dresses, maxis with a sinch/tie at the waist, maxi skirts or loose fitting dressy tops with pants underneath work great.

I don't recommend leggings because they could vary with the length of the top, plus often times clients choose black and that could actually draw attention to the waist and legs. For that same reason, I also suggest avoiding jeans with holes or rips, or two tones (like white wash down the middle).

For men, khakis or dress pants with a button down or collared shirt always has a classy look. Jeans on men can be tricky, as they can sometimes look too casual, but a nice pair of dress shoes can always tie in the look.

In the end - the idea is to wear something you enjoy and that you FEEL good wearing. The more relaxed that you feel in your clothes, the more you will be at the session and it will shine through your portraits.

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The Investment


I suggest sticking to light, neutral or pastel colors - but that’s mostly because bright colors (like yellow,  pink, orange, red, burgundy, Lilly Pulitzer, etc.) are reflective in sunlight and will show on your skin in the photos.  My favorites are blue (navy and pastel), grey, khaki, white, blush, etc. Blue is the most flattering color for photographs.

It’s fun the see clients color coordinate  as well, but not in duplication. Instead, I suggest choosing 1-3 colors and utilize them throughout everyones’ outfits.


If you have a fun patterened outfit you would like to use, limit it to one person.  That way they will pop and still coordinate with everyone else.  Multiple patterns can look busy, and this way they won't be competing with one another. Add dimension and interest by mixing up the texture of the clothing material and accents. Feel free to bring cute little accessories such as scarves, hats, belts and basically anything with a fabulous texture.  Accessories can pull together an outfit and make it look complete.  Plus by switching up accessories and layers, you can get multiple looks without having to do complete outfit changes. Try to avoid large logos, large text,  and neon colours. Be aware of any tan lines and how those will look in your chosen outfit

Frequently Asked Questions

How many outfits do you recommend?

I suggest at least two outfits per person for photo sessions, but no more than three - the more time spent changing clothes, the less time for optimal portrait lighting. For your second outfit, bring along something easy to change into that has a different style from the clothes that you showed up with.

What types of colors clash?

When finding matching colors, it’s important to stick to the tones that your first choice resides in. As in, warm tones, cool tones, etc. Different shades of the same color work well. White, tan and blue also match most colors.

Does it matter what shoes we wear?

It does! You want to wear a style of shoe that not only matches your outfit, but the style of the location as well. You wouldn’t want to wear a pair of worn sneakers with a formal gown - but you also wouldn’t want to wear tall heels while walking on the beach or in a field, also.