Dear Friends,

My name is Nikki, and I am a photographer based out of Okeechobee and Port Saint Lucie, Florida. I have two littles (Kelsey and Will) and I am married to my high school sweetheart, Nicholas. After moving to the coast for a few years, we found our place in our little home town with our Aussie and our chocolate lab.

I love being outdoors in most any form, but you can find me in my element on a hike somewhere in the middle of the trees. I'm also a creative at heart - from watercolor, to sewing, to poetry, floral gardening and much much more. I'm also a total coffee addict, love anything pumpkin spice and appreciate a cute pair of comfy shoes.

I am a hybrid photographer, which means I shoot digital and film. Once I started shooting film, I never looked back. The colors, textures and softness that film can produce in an image is breathtaking. I feel like film truly represents my brand and style of photography. To me, my relationships with my clients are cherished friendships. From our first email exchange to sending off your wedding collection (and then, when you start having babies!), I am fully here for you.

My goal as a photographer is for you to come out of the experience feeling relaxed, recognized and like you are truly working with a professional. I want you to feel like yourself throughout the whole process.

Throughout the entire journey, I make it a point to not only get to know what you are looking for in your photos - but to get to know your personality and what matters to you most. I want to capture your son playing with his dinosaur toy because I know that it's his favorite. I want to photograph your fiance snuggling the nape of your neck, because you wore his favorite perfume. I want to shoot the details of your wedding gown profoundly because it was an heirloom from your great grandmother.

I'll be the one who squeals when you ask me to do your pregnancy announcement. I'll be the one who can't stop telling you that you look like a princess on your wedding day. I'll be the one who bring stickers for your little ones and chats with your husband about his interests to make the holiday photos a little easier. My goal as a professional photographer is to tell your story in its truest and most exciting form. Because it IS.

A Few of my Favorite Things